process 2WT Value offers a complete solution, from business valuation and gap analysis, operational recommendations and a roadmap for improvement, to acting as strategic lead for an integrated approach to building value and transitioning to a life beyond owning and running your business.

Using an internationally accredited methodology we will value your business, tailor a solution for maximising that value, and help you decide on a business strategy that will let you grow or exit your business when you decide.

We don’t just consult we get involved; our internationally accredited team brings over 30 years’ experience to the process and we will use that knowledge and experience to help you implement the process from beginning to end.


Don’t let uncertainty cloud your judgement. Find out what your business is worth and whether it’s going to fund your future when and how you need it to.

The key steps at this stage are:

  • Conduct a business valuation
  • Assess your personal financial and business status
  • Draft a prioritised action plan

This stage is designed to identify fairly quickly the position you and your business are in and WT Value envisages a 2-4 week timeframe for completion

Find out more about the WT Value Discovery Report here.


A WT Value tailored business improvement plan will help you do better business. Combined with an assessment of your financial and lifestyle goals we will partner with you to reach the future you choose when you decide to get there.

The key steps at this stage are:

  • Remove risk through business improvement
  • Identify your personal values and financial planning
  • Prepare a master plan

Depending on where it is in its growth lifecycle, the kind of improvements needed to get your business exit ready so you genuinely reap the rewards of your efforts could take anywhere from two to eight years.

Business change can take years and this process is designed to build a long term relationship built on trust between your business and WT Value that will evolve over those years. 

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Maximising the value of your business will give you access to more options in the future, whether you decide to sell, grow, transition to the next generation, or you just want the business to make more money.

The key steps at this stage are:

  • Review the options to grow or exit and decide

Find out more about the WT Value exit strategy process here.

Find out more about the WT Value transitional program process here.

WT Value will be hands-on every step of the way and we will:

  • Organise regular meetings and workshops
  • Determining milestones and accountabilities – your and ours
  • Project manage the whole process
  • Be part of the process applying our exit planning, accounting and finance expertise
  • Act as a single point of contact for all partners involved
  • Manage and update project documentation
  • Review progress and revise the plan accordingly




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