About WT Value

ourteamMaximising the value of your business, whether it’s for ongoing profitability and growth or a future sale, is a challenge. Meet that challenge head on with the help of WT Value, a Brisbane firm of Succession and Exit Planning specialists with offices in Woolloongabba. If you want to sell up and retire, hand over to the next generation, or simply secure the profitability of your business in the long term WT Value can help with all your succession and exit planning objectives.

WT Value is about people

WT Value respect relationships, both with our clients and within our dynamic team and we're trusted to provide practical real-world business planning strategies that will help you achieve your future financial goals. 

WT Value is about business partnering

WT Value is expert in building business value and we will partner with you to get the maximum return on your lifelong business investment. Our trusted professionals have a proven track record in guiding businesses to a more profitable future, and we are certified specialists in succession and exit planning.

WT Value offer a dynamic collective intelligence

The dynamic team at WT Value includes senior colleagues and emerging professionals. This mix leads to fresh ideas and innovation, underpinned by the expertise to drive continuous improvement. Our collective experience brings a depth of knowledge that allows us to respond faster and deliver integrated, reliable services and outcomes.

WT Value is part of the Wilson Teis group

Wilson Teis has over 30 years’ experience working with clients from business start-ups to multi-million-dollar companies and our exceptional people provide comprehensive solutions to drive long-term growth.

With offices in Greenslopes and Lowood, our dynamic team of trusted advisers is always close at hand to provide sound guidance in an easy-to-understand language and free from jargon.

We deliver a large range of services including accounting and business services through Wilson Teis, bookkeeping through WT Bookkeeping; WT Financial delivers wealth planning and investment services; and operations management services are brought to you through WT Operations.




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Brisbane Office

Phone: 07 2100 2646
Email: info@wtvalue.com.au
138 Juliette Street,
Greenslopes Qld 4121

138 Juliette Street Greenslopes QLD 4121