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Financial and Life Planning


Success comes from making sure your business goals are aligned with your financial and lifestyle goals.

A critical component of the WT Value solution for maximising the value of your business is to clarify what those personal goals are now, and in the future.

Make it personal

Your personal vision for the future is central to structuring a solution for business growth that will serve that future.

Whether you want a better work/life balance or you want more money to live on, or whether you are building a future for your kids or early retirement. These will all impact on business goals and your tailored WT Value business solution in a different way.

Identifying your top priority from a list of great options means we need to know a bit about what drives you and WT Value will help you discover that.

Get in the driver’s seat

Your definition of success is unique and it’s shaped by your values and aspirations. Understanding what drives your decisions is important in defining your vision of success.

You might value relationships and community involvement over personal standing, or the success and size of your business might be what drives you. Your health and well-being might also be your top priority.

Unless your business goals are aligned with your personal goals neither will be fully met and WT Value will work with you to identify your personal goals.


However intangible your personal vision or drivers, the goals you put in place to achieve success need to be tangible.

Beyond that they need to be SMART, which means:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

Translating the intangible into tangible takes skill and without SMART goals you won’t recognise success when you achieve it. WT Value will work with you to identify specific goals for your business that are realistic and achievable in a timely manner. 




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