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Discovery Report

discoveryreportGetting your business ready for the future, whether that’s preparing for a smooth exit or increasing profitability, means knowing what it’s worth today, and creating a plan for growth. The WT Value Discovery Report is the first step of our comprehensive approach to helping you reach your future goals.

Using an internationally recognised methodology the WT Value Discovery Report provides a comprehensive assessment of your business and gives you:

  1. A current business valuation
  2. A detailed plan to create more business value
  3. A clear understanding of your personal financial goals

1. What's it worth?

Knowing the value of your business means understanding the drivers of business value and that’s where we focus our analysis.

Three high level drivers impact business value: 

  • Operational Drivers

Operational drivers impact change in the short and medium term because they focus on how you run your business. 

A documented set of policies and procedures that lead to more efficient business processes is a simple example of an operational driver that can add value in the short term by eliminating risk.

Formalising processes and procedures reduces the risk of losing customers through poor quality control or the risk of spiralling costs from excess waste or inconsistent processes.

  • Financial Drivers

Financial drivers impact change in the medium term and can be as simple as renegotiating payment terms with suppliers, reducing stock levels to match demand, or negotiating a better deal with the bank on any lending or overdraft facilities.

Your influence on financial drivers as a business owner is still high but it takes longer to feel the impact of change.

  • Sustainability Drivers

Creating an independent, profitable business that can adapt to change means building sustainability; and sustainability comes from effectively engaging internal and external stakeholders.

This means taking account of social, economic and environmental factors that could include making a commitment to ethical business practices such as production processes that minimise waste, or offering flexible or part-time working conditions to employees.

A sustainable business understands the wider social, economic and legislative landscape and can adapt to it. The WT Value Discovery Report will give you that understanding so your business can adapt.

2. What do I want?

Valuing your business is only part of the WT Value Discovery Report, and equally crucial is identifying your personal goals. WT Value will work with you to understand what your goals are both for yourself and your business.

We will help you create the future you need to meet those goals, whether its business growth, stepping back and transitioning to a general manager, handing over to the next generation, or selling up entirely.

You can’t draw a roadmap if you don’t know the destination; the WT Value Discovery Report will help you identify that destination.

3. How do I get there?

Now that you know where your business is and where it needs to be, the final step is closing the gap, and that’s where WT Value expertise comes into its own.

Based on our assessment of your business the WT Value Discovery Report will give you a tailored business improvement solution detailing the steps you need to take to close the gap.

As part of the complete WT Value solution for maximising the value of your business The WT Value Discovery Report is just the first step.

WT Value will act as strategic lead coordinating your internal and external business partners. Through workshops, milestone management, and on-going performance analysis our integrated approach will help you reach your goals sooner.

WT Value will partner with you on that journey; we will act as your principal adviser and mentor.  We can advise you on the options for exiting or growing your business and help prepare your business for the future.





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